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A person's health is such a big deal. Your health, and the health of your loved ones, is incredibly important. When water damage enters your life health isn’t the only problem though, mold and mildew can be extremely unpleasant.

It’s not an easy task to do away with mold after its infiltration and growth. Places such as under carpeting, in padding, your basement, the inside and outside walls, any places with poor ventilation, crawl spaces, attics and storage rooms are all at high risk

Causes of Mold:
Summer Storms, Rain and Excess Moisture in your home can all lead to mold. Broken water pipes, leaks in your roof, walls or windows, leaking air conditioners or hot water heaters can as well. Even poorly ventilated bathrooms and plumbing failures can lead to this terrible affliction, and they all share one common factor; water.

When water damage is present, chances are, so is mold. Mold needs moisture to grow and actually begins growing 24-48 hours after water appears on a surface. Small areas can be cleaned with bleach and water, but larger areas really do need to be addressed by Water Damage Jersey City and our mold remediation specialists.

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